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Today is day 11 of the Blogging from A to Z Challenge.  The challenge began with A on April 1 and continues the alphabet throughout theK month, except on Sundays. My theme for the month will be this blog’s tagline: life, books, and all things bookish, so you can expect a little bit of this ‘n that. I’m still reading, though, and I’ll add reviews whenever possible. Thirty days of blogging is a huge commitment for me, but I’m looking forward to meeting and greeting new blog friends.

Today’s words: Krazy Kats
(Yes. I know it should be Crazy Cats, but C is days past, so spelling correctly wouldn’t fit this post!)

Krazy KatsLast weekend my husband and I went to a Tiger’s game on opening weekend. Now this being the Great Lakes region, the weather in early April is usually pretty sketchy. He’s a lifelong fan who has been to dozens of Opening Days–and he’s just as likely to sit in the cold rain as he is spring sunshine.

This game, however, won hands down. It was the coldest game ever played in Comerica Park–temp at game time was 31* and it went up to a balmy 32* by the time we left. But I went prepared in long johns and layers, wool socks and stadium blanket. I drank coffee, not beer. And as long as I stayed really still and the wind wasn’t blowing, it was pretty tolerable.

Tolerable until the fifth inning, that is–we were down by four and the Yankees hit a home run. It was time to leave and get the blood circulating to my toes again.

The Tigers lost 8-2.

One thought on “K is for Krazy Kats

  1. denice says:

    We did one of those once. Mid-April and pouring rain, but we were guests of friends and had to sit through it out of sheer stubbornness for the cause. Sometimes ya gotta do what ya gotta do!


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