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Hopefully you had a chance to check out a few of my favorite blogs when I posted about them here. It’s always fun to send readers to bloggers I love myself. So without any further ado …

blogs I loveThe Truck Traveler
Zelijka lived in Serbia and her life was like so many of ours: she had a desk job in an accounting office, working 9 to 5 … or something like that! When her partner took a new job as a long haul trucker in Eastern Europe, she decided to join him on the road as often as she could. Just. Imagine. Chucking the desk job in favor of seeing Russia. Belarus. Croatia. Montenegro. Her posts always give some historical background of the sites she writes about. Photos included! Zelijka’s blog is so original–it’s a must read for anyone who has ever dreamed about the open road.

Miss Anna Pie
Miss Anna is a mommy blogger, and I suppose I’m much too old to read her. But I don’t care. I can’t for the life of me remember where I found her blog, but I’ve been following for a couple years. Anna is an accountant, her hubby a seminarian, and they are people of faith committed to living intentionally and simply. Now this might sound like quite a few other bloggers out there, but this is also a young couple who felt called to foster children. Anna is honest and open about the challenges of raising two (then three!) Littles, as well as navigating the bureaucracy of our social welfare system. Several months ago the family’s petition to adopt their Littles was granted and just last week they became a forever family. You’ll love Miss Anna Pie’s voice–she’s real through and through, with a little sass thrown in for good measure.

Retired English Teacher
One of my life’s goals is to become a retired English teacher, so imagine my delight in finding one to stalk follow in the wild on line! Sally Weesely lives in Colorado and writes about her girlfriends, books, writing, family–all things I have come to love even more passionately as I creep pretty darn close to 6-0. There is no glam or glitz in her blog, but her voice is sincere and her heart just shines. I’d love to go to coffee with her. Give me a call, Sally!

Not the Average Mama
I’m no stranger to step-moms. My kids have one, after all. I’ve had two–yes, you read that right, but that’s another story for another post. Now meet Jessica–a twenty-something young wife and step-mom who is more together than just about any other mom (or step-mom!) I know. Her relationship to her kids (and, gulp, their mom) amazes me. There are no games in this step-mom’s life, I’m guessing. She is way too thoughtful and straightforward for that. I’ve never sailed the step-mom waters myself–but if I was to use my own relationship with my kids’ step mom as any kind of measure, I’d have to say I pretty much capsized that boat. So I am amazed and encouraged and even a little jealous that there are women out there like Jessica.

That should give you some good reading over the next few days! And I’ve got more where these came from, so stay tuned to … part 3?!

One thought on “Blogs I love: part 2

  1. Jessica says:

    I just saw this post! What lovely things you said about me, thank you so much! You my friend, made my day!


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