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I read quite a few blogs and would love to share my favorites with you. Here’s my first installment of Blogs I Love:

blogs I love


Caty Dearing
Caty writes about being a wife, mom, teacher, and writer. She’s a refreshing mommy blogger because she’s incredibly insightful and doesn’t shy away from tackling difficult subjects in an honest manner. (Read: she’s not all beauty hauls and recipes and cute kiddie photos.) She’s also a woman of faith, but she is thoughtful, not heavy-handed. I enjoy her posts … and I’m hardly a mommy blogger. Grandmommy, maybe!

Drink More Decaf
Imagine chucking it all and living in an RV, roaming the country from East to South to the Great Wild West, stopping every now and then to settle in somewhere for a week or two or three. Sounds romantic, right? Well that’s exactly with Sharon, Dave, and their dog Frodo did–and you can follow their adventures and her musings on her blog Drink More Decaf. Sharon gives me a glimpse of a life I think I might love, sharing the ups and downs along the way.

And So It Goes
Janet Givens is a woman of a certain age–like me!–but she’s  not about to sit back and let life pass by. Janet has opinions and she isn’t afraid to share them in thought-provoking posts. A recent favorite of mine is about clothes lines–but not about the beauty and nostagia of them as I might write–and the ecology, economy, and liberty they might afford us. Janet also served in the Peace Corps in their over 55 program, and the book about her experiences, At Home on the Kazakh Steppe, is on my TBR pile.

Denice’s Day
If you read my blog, you’ve probably followed some of my links to Denice’s Day. Denice is a Renaissance Woman, in my mind. She’s a reader, blogger, photographer, baker, and quilter–I swear there’s nothing she won’t tackle. (And do well, by the way.) Her posts let me peek in on things I’ll never attempt, not because I wouldn’t want to … but because I just don’t have her talents. I’m also one of the lucky ones who can call her friend and let me tell you–our coffee dates never last less than 2 or three hours!

That’s it for Round One of Blogs I Love … I’ve got plenty more where these came from. Until then, pop by any one of these blogs today and you’ll be happy you did.

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