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Lawyer For the Dog
Lee Robinson
Thomas Dunne Books

DogThis was probably one of those times when I did choose a book by its cover. Take a look—how can you resist that little guy’s face?! (My first dog was a schnauzer, so that didn’t hurt either!)

Lee Robinson’s Lawyer For the Dog is pretty simple to summarize. It goes like this:

Main character is a woman of a certain age–finally a love interest who’s not a millennial! (check)
Said character is single and ready for love  (check)
Add a tangle of past love, regret and self-doubt  (check)
Enter a winsome schnauzer who is the center of a custody battle  (check)
Bonus: the knight in shining armor has grey hair! (check)

Sally Baynard is a family lawyer in Charleston, South Carolina. She’s been divorced and single for almost two decades, but her ex-husband has decided he’s still in love with her. So Judge Joe Baynard decides to insinuate himself into her life again by assigning Sally as lawyer—and ultimately guardian— for a dog in the center of a nasty divorce case where both parties demand that Sherman the pup live with them. Sally is not too sure about Joe’s unexpected declaration of love, but she is attracted to the dog’s vet, Dr. Tony Borden. Complicating matters is the fact that Sally’s ailing mother (she has Alzheimer’s) lives with her, so a love interest seems like just one more hurdle.

Shall I mention again that it was incredibly refreshing to read some chick lit where nearly all the characters all had grey hair and experienced the pangs of middle age?!

This quick and easy summer read would please any hopeless romantic or dog lover—especially those over forty. The story might not be complicated, but it is delightful.

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