This is my symphony

What I read & what I lived …

Old English D ♥ loops ♥ tuxedo shirt, crisp and white ♥ home to settle in ♥ a wrinkled $20 ♥ joy dare ♥ two souls, one ♥ family ties ♥ rain puddles ♥ slip sliding tears ♥ hidden heart ♥ rock-a-bye-baby ♥ peepers … finally ♥ purple crocus April gifts and graces♥ bargain spring duds ♥ spring sun and moon ♥ Buddy’s smile ♥ blue sky ♥ How Dante Can Save Your Life ♥ I’m sorry ♥ memories ♥ black and white photos with curled edges ♥ Santa with a glitter hat ♥ vintage Christmas ♥ shelves, neat and tidy ♥ garage swept clean ♥ books to the ceiling ♥ books on the floor ♥ miraculous medal ♥ tender pinks ♥ my reflection ♥ fragile love ♥ Grammy’s baby quilt ♥ grass a growin’ ♥ return of the feathered friends ♥ daffodils ♥ carrot mango ginger juice ♥ paybacks ♥ clean and cozy, hearth and home

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