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I’ve amused myself with this little blog for eight years now. For most of that time, blogging was a delightful diversion, a pastime for those long summer days.

And then suddenly, it wasn’t.

Thinking I’d been bitten by the blogging bug, I saw blogging conferences in my future and read everything I could about the business of blogging. I poked around the sidebars of blogs I read for book bloggers who were of my own heart. (Networking, I learned, was key.) I hemmed and hawed about participating in blog hops and challenges. Then I bought a StudioPress template and my domain name and migrated from Blogger  to a self-hosted site. I even hired a web designer to help with the back-end technicalities about which I knew nothing.


@Petr Kratochvil

And then I realized that what I really wanted to do was simply write. Now if I’m a picky reader (which I am), you had better believe I’m an even pickier writer. Writers are Anne Tyler and Paulette Jiles. Fredrik Backman and Alan Bradley. Barbara Kingsolver, for goodness sake! But word by word, paragraph by paragraph my thinking shifted. I found I wasn’t as interested in developing my brand as I was in playing with words. I didn’t want to market myself as much as I wanted to get the characters who have played in my head for so many years on the page. I took one Writing Workshop, then another. I attended Sunday morning Writing Circles. And every now and again I’d think oh-so-tentatively, “I’m a writer.”

Because a writer, after all, is someone who writes.

So write I will. No more and no less. There will be no e-books or POD books in my future any time soon. I won’t be distracted with my Klout score or scramble to get my post on Medium. For now I won’t worry about missing out on yet another NaNoWriMo–I’ve got bills to pay, papers to grade, lessons to plan. Because does the world really need another novel, or do I just need to write?

Those characters who’ve lived in my head? They’re making their way onto the page, peeking out every now and then from a workshop piece. It’s slow going, but there’s no rush. I only need to write.

With special thanks and gratitude to Emily and Pat and Brenda who helped me draft my way.

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12 thoughts on “Write now

  1. Carrie Koster says:

    I love your description of the characters who have lived in your head for so long. I have them too and I know they want to get out of there before I get much older and forget who they have always been. Best wishes to you. I feel inspired even if that is not your goal….


    1. Laurie says:

      Thank you for your kind words! Keep writing–let those people out 🙂


  2. This.

    Perfectly stated.

    You simply need to write.

    There’s so much beauty in that.

    I mean, this.



      1. Your post reminds me to quiet the many concerns I have (stupid Klout score, the need to leave more blog post comments, schedule tweets) and simply write. Do what I love. Play with words.

        I am so grateful for your gentle reminder we should focus on doing more of what we love.

        Thank you. I really needed to hear this today. 🙂


      2. One more smiley face.


        Hope you’re having a GREAT day, Laurie. xxoo


      3. Sorry. One more thing. Great books in your right sidebar! I haven’t read Vinegar Girl. Is it good? Oh, what am I saying . . . of course it’s good.


      4. Laurie says:

        I think you’ve got me pegged on the ‘is it good?’ front, Julie! (Usually if I can’t get through a book I just don’t review) I HATE Klout–I’ve chosen to ignore “him” and I’m glad I’m not the only one who resists? resents? the online pressures. So glad you enjoyed the post, Julie.


  3. Julie, love all your replies and Laurie, this is a great post. I have too many blogs (every thought seems to need a new blog) but have the best time writing on them. I need to remember it is fun to write. Thank you!


    1. Laurie says:

      Thanks for popping by, Barbara–I’ve loved your photos on your blog (Confessions & WWD), as well as bits about Life. And it is fun to write, no?! One of my greatest pleasures.


  4. Jayne Denker says:

    Ah yes, that is what it’s all about. Writing. The rest is secondary. Be with your characters for as long as you need to for them to feel whole. 🙂


  5. sandiedocker says:

    I think we all get distracted by social media and forget that we must write first. Those characters in your head need and deserve to come out. Write. Just write.


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