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I never imagined I could write 26 posts in 30 days. (Ok, for me it was 24 posts in 30 days, but more on that later!) I read about the A-Z Blogging Challenge on a Facebook group I joined after I started Jeff Goins’ Intentional Blogging Challenge. Disclaimer: note that I said I started Goins’ Challenge. I was ready for a little inspiration! I’d also finished my first Writing Workshop at Voice and Vessel and was finally a to z survivor 2016able to call myself a writer.

What I learned from the Blogging from A-Z Challenge:
1. I’m a slow writer.
2. I can write more than just book reviews–that “life” in my tag line always gave me fits
3. Writing every day takes discipline, but …
4. Writing every day is probably the best way to improve writing
5. Bloggers are interesting–and talented–folks
6. It helps to have a buddy to Challenge with–someone who can sympathize with your 6 AM wail email before work:”I’ve got nothin’ for Q!”  (Thanks, Denice!)
7. I’ll do it again in a heartbeat and I’ve found some more blog fun already–Julie Valerie’s Fiction Writer’s blog hop

Over the next few weeks, I plan to write about some of the new bloggers I’ve discovered, so you can pop by their blogs and take a peek, too. Oh, and those missing 2 posts? I actually used XYZ to end the Challenge because those letters just go togther, don’t they? And seem so. very. final.

And that XYZ business reminded me of a book I read at least a dozen years titled Ella Minnow Pea. (The book made its way to my classroom and, sadly–or maybe not–it disappeared from my shelves forever, into the hands of some teen reader.) It’s a novel in letters–epistolary, that is, and then some. The main character Ella (and, indeed, all residents of the island of Nollop) must obey the Council’s edict and omit certain letters of the alphabet from their daily speech as the letters drop–seemingly prophetically–from the founding father’s statue in the town square. Author Mark Dunn drops the letters from his narrative, as well, and the book is a word lover’s playground. The title Ella Minnow Pea–LMNOP–was the inspiration for my ABC and XYZ post.

I guess once a book blogger, always a book blogger.

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