This is my symphony

What I read & what I lived …


Ann Voskamp A Holy Experience

green grass candle ♥ bulbs-a-poppin’ ♥ afghan, warm and cozy ♥ Mom’s pearl ♥ tinkling charms ♥ glammy makeup ♥ learning to forgive ♥ lakeshore stones and pebbles ♥ trust to bank on ♥ a broken heart ♥ baby love ♥ homemade milkshake ♥ crispy bacon ♥ time, carved out for me ♥ sun on the snow ♥ morning reading ♥ the courage to change ♥ perfectly pretty planner ♥ love song ♥ sunny breeze ♥ melting rivulets ♥ shrinking snow piles ♥ steaming coffee ♥ blessed, blessed cough drops ♥ prayer ♥ birdsong ♥ my heart, given away ♥ crisp, clean sheets ♥ shiny, pretty, sparkly ♥ stand up ♥ donuts!♥ fatoush ♥ my bagel buddy ♥ “I can’t wait to hear about it.” ♥ blog away ♥ oil pastel farm road ♥ bath bombs ♥ time is a wastin’ ♥ crown of thorns ♥ braided bun ♥ ring of fire ♥ rock-a-bye baby ♥ neither leave nor forsake ♥ only believe

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