This is my symphony

What I read & what I lived …

the little Jeep that could ♥ red, red wine ♥ snowblowing ease ♥ a novel journal ♥ again and again ♥ doggie love ♥ butterfly meadow ♥ birdfeeder, all aflutter ♥ a tenting we will go ♥ nap, well-taken ♥ greasy pizza yumminess ♥ heart-broken crash ♥ Gorilla glue ♥ creamy avocado ♥ free night for homemaking ♥ stumbling over Shakespeare ♥ wind-up februarymonkey ♥ steadfast ♥ bread & wine ♥ welcome with smiles ♥ love lost ♥ sober truth ♥ losing pride ♥ finding strength ♥ making peace ♥ shade tree’s summer peace ♥ black shadow-cat ♥ there but for the grace of God ♥ Truth with a capital T ♥ ticket to laugh ♥ uncountable rocker hours ♥ a teacher’s heart ♥ marriage blessing ♥ a home for Buddy-bear ♥ snow day French toast ♥ fatoush with a love ♥ walkabout ♥ grays that I’ve earned ♥ bubbling mac ‘n cheese ♥ baby blanket, soft and silky ♥ a step forward ♥ melting heart ♥ I Love Lucy ♥ Fr. John ♥ rusty red tobacco tin ♥ pretty, pretty planner ♥ an awful August night ♥ eye crinkles

You can learn more about the Joy Dare on Ann Voskamp’s blog A Holy Experience (link).

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