This is my symphony

What I read & what I lived …

morning sunrise over the back field ♥ last flicker of a Christmas candle ♥ blue sky, say no more ♥ a room heater, toasty warm ♥ my lunch bunch ♥ I didn’t give up last summer ♥ girly girl makeup ♥ insight and intuition ♥ Mom’s pearl anniversary ring ♥ engagement diamond, reset and gifted ♥ St. Francis ♥ a listening ear and an open heart ♥ home, tether to hope ♥ Our Mother of Perpetual Help ♥ great grandma’s wedding band ♥ Avis’s scrapbook ♥ an exam answer key ♥ the power of sober change ♥ joys shared over coffee ♥ nose-to-nose baby boo’s ♥ a dollar for a sweet melody ♥ unasked help for a newbie ♥ the power of sacrament ♥ sing along gospel songs ♥ here I am ♥ miracle baby ♥ a welcomed hug in a strange place ♥ baby eyelashes ♥ gray hairs ♥ the excitement of starting life together ♥ avobath bombs ♥ the way it used to be ♥ laugh lines ♥ grownup student’s life unfolding ♥ blue mood ♥ jeans that fit ♥ security ♥ vaulted arches and blue constellations ♥ coffee ♥ wine in my sippy cup ♥ homemade granola on yogurt ♥ candle, candle burning bright ♥ books and broads ♥

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