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What Nora Knew (NetGalley)
Linda Yellin
release date: January 20

Molly Hallberg is sassy. Looking  for that promotion. Longing for Mr. Right. Living in New York City. Lounging in the Hamptons. Just like we all want to do, right, ladies? Because that’s probably the draw of what’s sometimes dismissed as “chick lit”, isn’t it? A fun romp through a life to which we don’t (or won’t) have access. And Linda Yellin’s What Nora Knew is just that.

The “Nora” of the title is the famed Nora Ephron. Molly, a feature writer for an online magazine modeled after Gawker, is given an assignment: research love in the Big Apple and write her article in the style of Nora Ephron. The inimitable Nora Ephron, mind you. And even though Molly is witty and sardonic and oh-so-jaded, she’s also ‘lone and ‘lorn (to quote Dickens) and just can’t quite pull it off. Enter Cameron Duncan, a popular mystery writer–charming, available, and attractive–and my guess is you know the rest of the story (wink, wink!).

If you need what I call a “candy bar” of a read, What Nora Knew is a sweet choice.

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